CHEEFT & OEM Code & Caliper Body



Besco Automotive was founded in Konya city which is the heart of Turkey’s automotive industry, in 2008. Besco manufactures brake caliper repair kits for heavy duty commercial vehicles with its own registered trade mark CHEEFT.


Besco’s facility includes manufacturing unit of 2000m2 and a warehouse located in Busan Industrial Zone of Konya city. There are 55 workers within the company working in Production, Packaging, Delivery, Quality Control and Administration departments.


The two founders Mr. Sebahattin Koc and Mr. Beytullah Goksu decided to gather all their technical know-how and experience to lead the brake caliper business in Turkey, and so Besco grew rapidly and become an exporter of improved products to 50 countries in the world. Now, Besco has exclusive dealers in Chile, South Africa and in Ukraine.


The brake caliper repair kits of Besco are design to be fitted on calipers made by KNR, MRT, WBC, HDX, B.V, SF MODUL T, IVECO, BRMB and Z-CAM.


The calipers that can be repaired with Besco’s repair kits are found on trucks, buses and trailers made by manufacturers such as MAN, DAIMLER MERCEDES, VOLVO, RENAULT RVI, SCANIA, IVECO, DAF LEYLAND, NEOPLAN, SETRA, IRIBUS, B.V, SF MODUL T HOLLAND, SMB, ROR and GIGANT.


Besco’s Strenghts:

• Rapidly growing structure.

• Continuous improvement of products.

• Wide range of product groups.

• 7/24 achievable authorized personnel.

• 15 years of experience in caliper business.

• Core activity is caliper repair kits only.

• All required quality certificates such as ISO 9001, CE certificate, SASO and Gost-R certificates.


Besco focuses on producing quality products, offering competitive prices and providing shorter delivery time to the customers. In order to implement these targets, Besco continuously improves its products and always keeps all the stocks full.


Besco will continue to satisfy its worldwide customers’ needs and wants by offering good quality products in best prices and by operating value added services